Invitation to the anaesthesiological session. XXVII Annual Conference of RAHR. Joint RAHR and IFFS International Symposium 6-9 September 2017

Dear Colleagues! 
Please be invited to XXVII international conference 
to be held in 2017 at Expoforum, St. Petersburg 

The aim of the event is to improve the quality of ANESTHESIOLOGICAL aid in IVF clinics.

Main tasks of the session are to draw attention to anaestheological methods in IVF clinics.
To work out recommendations for safe anaesthesiologic practices based on advanced achievements. 

IVF is a complex intervention which includes surgical procedures under general anesthesia. Almost all the procedures are carried out in an outpatient departments among which TVP is the most frequent one. The main condition for anaesthesia during oocyte aspiration alongside with analgesia is the reduction of drug load of medication used to improve the results of in vitro fertilization. TVP can be carried out under local anaesthesia or acupuncture and is not wide spread in IVF clinics in our country. Currently the structure of analgesia methods used for TVP are as follows: 88% - intravenous anesthesia, 11% - inhalation anesthesia, 1% -local anesthesia*. We consider that local anaesthesia and acupuncture are safe and effective.

Igor Ushakov   


 *According to online survey "Epidemiology of anesthesia in ART clinics“. 2016.